Everything is custom designed and  made exclusively for you by award winning artist Mary Trenkle.  
I will turn your photograph into a beautiful work of art.
Artist Statement

As far back as I can remember, I have
always had a passion for art.  As a child,
my parents supported my artistic
creativity but were not particularly fond
of my tendency to use the walls in our
household as my personal canvas!  In
my teenage years, my enthusiasm for
the field inspired me to work as an art
teacher at a grade school in my
community.  While enrolled in college, I
studied art as my major and was able to
continue honing my skills.  

After spending time away from the field
to enjoy time with my growing family, I
eventually felt the desire to begin
painting again.  At that time, I enrolled in
classes at the Minnesota River School
of Fine Art where I was able to develop
my talents to become an award winning

Since getting back to painting on a
full-time basis, I have been extremely
fortunate to utilize my artistic ability to
commission paintings for many kind
people from around the world.  I enjoy
creating works of art for my clients that
will evoke fond memories for years to
come.  I believe every painting tells a
story and the stories that I have been
able to be a part of with my clients have
been far more rewarding than I could
have ever imagined.
Mary T. Originals
Art Studio
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