Mary T. Originals
Art Studio
Do you have a photograph you would love to turn into a masterpiece?  Have you ever wanted a portrait of
someone  or something special?    Send me a photograph and I will turn it into a beautiful original oil painting.
We received the portrait
this morning. I have to
admit I haven't cried since
my dad passed away four
years ago. But your
portrait changed all that,
and to top it off you
thanked me. Well I can't
thank you enough. It is
beautiful, I am sure our
daughter will love it.  You
really captured the
moment with their eye's.
My wife said it is to good
too be true. Thank you so
Mary, I will certainly refer you to my family and friends. And again, thank you so much
words can not express my gratitude. When I pulled the painting out of the box I was
so over whelmed with joy that I got teary eyed. You did an exceptional job. The
painting is simply beautiful. And I will definitely be calling you again to do a portrait of
my three children.
I love the way you
overcame the sepia tints
in our photo and so
beautifully captured my
husband's beautiful
soulful eyes!  Thanks
too for my nice
hairstyle---you couldn't
know but my hair is
actually that length and
that style now--11
months later.  You did a
superb job and my
husband loves his
anniversary gift!
Thank you so much!
Words cannot describe the expression on
the faces of my Pastor, Willie G. Robinson
and his wife, Gwendolyn when we
presented them with your beautifully
painted portrait. Mary, your talent is
priceless but even more than that, your
warm personality and trusting heart goes
beyond anything I could have imagined.
I have already referred you to all of my
friends and associates. On behalf of the
members of Glorious Temple Deliverance
Center, C.O.G.I.C., I thank you for making
my pastor's annual appreciation service a
day to remember. Pastor Robinson is an
amazingly gifted man of God with an
extraordinary ministry. No one deserves
this surprise gift as much as they. Oh and
please, if you're ever in New York, stop by
and visit us. We would love to meet you!
Again, thank you! Sincerely,
Debra Butler, Brooklyn,NY

I want to thank you very much for a
wonderful job!  When I first started
looking around for an artist to do a
portrait of our retiring company
President, I was concerned that it would
be difficult to truly capture the subject by
looking only at photographs.  I was
extremely surprised when I saw the final
Thanks again, Tony, Louisville, KY
As a naval officer
deployed in support of
OIF/OEF, I couldn't
imagine how I could
convey my love and
affection to my wife
for our 20th
anniversary and her
birthday.  Mary
understood exactly
what I wanted to
express to my wife
and made it come
alive on canvas.  She
went out of her way to
be helpful and make
sure my wife received
the portrait for her
birthday.  Our love is
now forever professed
on this beautiful
family heirloom for
generations to come.  
Both of us thank you
from the bottom of
our hearts.

I wanted to thank you again for doing such a wonderful job on the painting.  
Seeing it in person when it arrived was better than I could have ever
imagined.  You managed to capture my wife flawlessly in the painting.  
There really just doesn't seem to be enough words to describe how great it
is.  I know that some people might be hesitant because they may live a
great distance from you, but I can ensure them that they are dealing with a
professional and won't be disappointed.  I would, and probably will have you
paint another portrait for me.  My dogs this time :-) Here is my email address
in case you need a reference, or anyone wants to contact me.    Thank you again.
Prices for custom paintings vary according to size, and the amount of detail.  For
example, a portrait with more than one person takes much longer to paint than a single
portrait and is priced accordingly.  Please email artist for price quotes
This is Rocky, my own sweet boy.  He recently
went off to heaven but his spirit will live on
Derek's picture arrived
today.  Words fail me..but
you have made me a very
happy Grandma.  I can't
wait until Christmas Day.  
Derek's Mom and Dad will
love this painting as much
as I do.  Thank you seems
so inadequate,but it is
sincere and comes from a
very happy heart.
Many thanks again.  I have sent this to family and friends.  I
know they will be as pleased as we were.  This was the
right time to do this.  I truly believe God helped me find you
to do this special painting. You will never know how much
this means.